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New Service:
We now offer online one-hour or 30-minute sessions via a secure, user friendly platform to MD, VA and NV residents. We are also available late evenings and Sundays.
We accepting Flexible Spending Account

At Everyday Counseling and Coaching Services, LLC (ECCS) we strive to provide you with a safe, confidential environment where you will feel respected and validated.

We will assist you in accomplishing balance in life and help you achieve your desired change.


Feeling Anxious? Depressed? Angry?
I can help you...


Feeling disconnected from your spouse/significant other? Following therapy, couples feel more confident...

New Parents Relationships Counseling

We help new parents gain useful insight into their relationship’s processes...

Serving All in the State of Maryland.
I am currently not accepting new clients at this time.

How to manage life during the Coronavirus Pandemic

All of us experience stress and anxiety now. Concerns about future, health, financial distress, taking care of others and ourselves or concerns about our world have reached an unprecedented level. Levels of concerns change from day to day from person to person, from situation to situation. The "shelter in place" order leaves many of us alone at home for longer periods and feeling lonely as if no one cares about us. The uncertainty combined with listening to the news produce high levels of anxiety, stress, loneliness and feelings of overwhelm.

Many of us face new challenges, new concerns. ...READ MORE NOW!

Counseling on the Go™

Busy and needing advice, someone to hear you and consult with, someone to validate and support you? You are known in the community and want to talk with someone objective and confidential?

Starting October 8th 2018 we will start a new service of 30 minute video or phone counseling sessions. Counseling is done from the convenience of your phone or computer anywhere in the state of MD. Site is secure and HIPAA compliant.

You can use your lunch time, have a session while waiting for an appointment or run it by me before you need to make an important decision. Service is confidential. To make sure this service is for you and to learn more about it, please schedule a FREE 15 phone consultation with me. Scheduling is done via our website: www.orlykatz.com or by calling 301 660-6759.

Let us hear from you!!!

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