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Shoulding Away Your Life

by Nicole Silverberg

Who should I be? What should I do? How should I be? When should I be doing this? These are questions that often flood our minds and cause us to feel this great sense of anxiety. The anxiety and fear of doing the wrong thing can sometimes hinder us from making any decision at all. Shoulds are constructs that we create for ourselves, but they do not necessarily carry any weight. Continue reading

Postpartum adjustment

Mindfulness Takes On Anxiety

by Nicole Silverberg

Anxiety is one of those things that seems inexplicable at times, but the feelings can be very overwhelming. It always seems to come on right at the time where we need to be most attentive. We have all heard people say “just don’t worry about it”, “it’s not that big of a deal”, “just distract yourself”, “get over it”, and I am sure many other not so comforting statements come to mind. Unfortunately, the more attention we put on our anxiety, the bigger it gets until it reaches a point that feels so overwhelming that it just crashes onto us. Continue reading

Couple counseling

Dating After a Break Up: Making the Right Decision

Almost every break up is a loss that involves a grieving process. The person who
goes through the loss often goes through some common emotional stages:

  • Denial – Thinking: “It can’t be happening”, “this is not the end”
  • Anger – Asking “why”
  • Negotiation – Trying to resolve the pain; contemplating “if I had only…”
  • Sadness – Crying
  • Acceptance – Remembering the good times.

Continue reading

Postpartum Depression

Setting boundaries in three simple stages

Setting boundaries is the art of protecting your emotional self and well-being. It is your responsibility and duty to identify relationships, emotions or others’ behaviors that have the potential to hurt you.

Imagine yourself at the center of a garden surrounded by a fence. The fence represents your personal boundaries, and the garden represents your personal space. You are this garden’s most valuable asset. Protecting yourself in your garden is a continuous process. It can be maintained in three steps: Continue reading

Bring Baby Home

Focus on: how to overcome nagging

“Empathize with the naggee and get a better insight of the situation”

Nagging is a ritual that both partners contribute to. Nagging is a vicious cycle, where one partner asks or demands; the other dismisses, shuts down or responds angrily. Yet, the ritual continues and can create a rift between the partners. Not much is accomplished, until one partner gives in, feeling unsatisfied. Continue reading