Counseling College Students

Counseling College Students

by Nicole Silverberg

Experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, relationship issues, or adjusting to new changes in your life?

Nicole has experience in assisting college students in navigating those feelings and building new coping mechanisms.

Coping mechanisms are tools to help clients’ better handle situations that they are finding difficult.

Varying coping mechanisms work for different people and it is simply about finding the ones that suits you best.

Part of learning coping mechanisms is learning about what are client’s triggers, how have they been successful in the past in similar circumstances, figuring out what are the barriers that are getting in the client’s way, and what helps or supports the client.

I have helped clients with:

  • Creating balance in their life
  • Expanding friendships
  • Fostering relationships with family, friends, and significant others
  • Handling stress, anxiety, depression
  • Increasing self-esteem
  • Navigating conflicts in relationships
  • Figuring how to adapt to changes