Fill Your Own Bucket

by Nicole Silverberg

Happiness is something people are constantly searching for and striving to achieve. Often times, we assume happiness is something that achieved on a conditional basis and dependent on someone else. Realistically though, we can achieve happiness by relying on ourselves and filling our own buckets.

Some statements I hear from college students are:

  • “I would be happier if I had a boyfriend.”
  • “I would be happier if I had more friends.”
  • “I would be happier if I was more attractive.”
  • “I would be happier if I lost weight.”
  • “I would be happier if I was smarter.”

We find ourselves focusing on the outside world and things that we cannot control, rather than focusing on things that are inside of us and things we can control. By relying on others or things that are beyond our control to provide us happiness, we are giving too much power to the outside world.

What does filling your own bucket do for you?

  • Empowers you to be able to be happy on your own
  • Builds confidence in yourself that you are able to achieve things that you want to
  • Allows you to find new interests and things that you enjoy
  • Makes you a more dynamic person
  • Learn more about yourself and connect with yourself
  • Creates positive energy that attracts others to be around

How do you fill your own bucket?

  • Try a new activity that you have interest in
  • Start a hobby
  • Join a club
  • Find things that interest you and pursue them
  • Get passionate about something
  • Surround yourself with positivity
  • Challenge yourself
  • Bring back things that provided you happiness before
  • Explore what else is out there

Begin finding what makes you happy for you. Other people can contribute to your happiness, but only you are the creator of your own happiness. You are in charge of you. Love yourself so that you can love others. You have the power to fill your own bucket and create the happiness that you want.


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