Carroll-Davidson Generalized Anxiety Disorder Screen ©

These questions are to ask you about things you may have felt most days in the past six months. Yes No
1. Most days I feel very nervous.
2. Most days I worry about lots of things.
3. Most days I cannot stop worrying.
4. Most days my worry is hard to control.
5. I feel restless, keyed up or on edge.
6. I get tired easily.
7. I have trouble concentrating.
8. I am annoyed or irritated.
9. My muscles are tense and tight.
10. I have trouble sleeping.
11. Did the things you noted above affect your daily life (home life, or work, or leisure) or cause you a lot of distress?
12. Were the things you noted above bad enough that you thought about getting help for them?

Total score (number of YES responses) = ___________

Score of 0-5: Symptoms not suggestive of Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Score of 6 or above: Symptoms suggestive of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. A complete evaluation is recommended.

Note: This questionnaire is provided for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for consulting with a health professional. Even if an individual’s score on the questionnaire is “negative,” it is very important to consult with a primary care doctor or a mental health professional if there are concerns.