Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

“Thank you for all your time, love and support. I can truly and gratefully say having you
to talk with has helped me grow positively and reach goals I didn’t think I could reach.”

“Thank you for your help and support. Meeting with you has been such a blessing”. R.S.

“You nailed it” A. C.

Feeling Anxious? Depressed? Angry?

Can’t communicate with loved ones, family members, co-workers?

Taken for granted? Unloved? Not appreciated? Stuck? Lost?

These are some of the reasons individuals come to my practice for therapy.

My style of therapy conveys empathy and positive support. Individuals who come to
therapy feel safe to discuss their utmost personal, painful problems. They are comfortable
and confident that they are heard and understood. They feel respected.

The knowledge and experience I bring to my clients are key elements in getting quickly to the root of the problem. I assist in gaining awareness and provides individuals with perspective and sound advice. I help with developing customized tools to accomplish and maintain
personal goals.