The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work™
A workshop for couples


Want to improve your marriage?
Longing for better communication in your relationships?

Join us for this groundbreaking 6-hour program developed by Dr. John Gottman,
featuring an interactive series of discussions, lectures, videos and fun games. As a
couple, you will learn:

  • How to deepen your knowledge of one another;
  • How to build friendship and trust with your partner;
  • How to manage both solvable and difficult problems;
  • How to get through gridlocked conflicts; and
  • How to create a “special story” of us.

Couples who participate in this program will acquire:

  • Improved communication skills;
  • A better quality relationship and displayed less hostility; and
  • A better understanding of how to maintain their improved relationship.

When: TBD, Spring of 2018

Cost: $399 per workshop; includes two workbooks and the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work™ textbook.

Where: 1 Research Court, Suite 450, Rockville Maryland 20850.

Contact: Workshop program is led by Orly Katz , an experienced marriage counselor and educator in the Seven Principles™ program.

To benefit from this program please sign up online or call us at 301 660-6759,

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