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New and improved online counseling system for Maryland and Virginia's residents.

Working with new mothers, new parents and couples brought to our attention the need to provide an alternative option to the conventional in-office counseling. Our clients who asked for this new service include:

  • New mothers, new fathers or individuals who are in urgent need to talk with an experienced counselor and cannot travel,
  • New parents who are tired, overwhelmed with newborns and cannot travel or find a babysitter, or
  • Couples with long commute who come home late and need after- hour meetings

What is an online counseling and how does it work?

An online counseling is a convenient, confidential and secure way to get access to counseling from wherever you are: car, home, office, on your computer, your mobile phone or tablet. Research shows that it is as effective as an in-office therapy.

In our office we use the new and improved program Doxy.me. It is an easy, no-download, no-account, secure way to connect with us. Just click on the link that we provide you and we are connected and meet face to face. Combined with our online improved scheduling system, it gives you a faster, easier access to meet with us online.

Some people prefer the option of online counseling because it is convenient, confidential and effective way to access therapy. It saves commute time and related fees and addresses other limitations that prevent them from accessing an in-office therapy. It allows them to meet with us when they are ready.

We do screen clients before our first session to make sure it is a good fit for them.

Online counseling is not an option for people who:

  • Express suicidal thoughts or want to hurt others.
  • Need intense therapy or hospitalization.
  • Addicted to drugs or alcohol, have psychotic symptoms or psychiatric illness.

How long are the sessions and what are the fees?

On line sessions are similar in length and structure to the in-office sessions. They are usually 50-60 minute long. Cost is same as in-office therapy.

To benefit from online therapy or find out if it is a good fit for you, schedule a 15 minute FREE phone consultation, using the online scheduling system. To start now, click on the Contact blue button on the right hand of your screen.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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